Zelda, Senior Fordham Sentinel – Unity City

It is a known fact—there were no mothers in Beta Union. The illogical word and those who subscribed to its use, were named deviants. The very notion of motherhood denoted attachment and fostered unskillful desires that led to erratic and negative emotions. In our caring for citizens,  the Fordham, guarded them from themselves. We helped them to remember their duty just as those who acted as Pares were responsible for the behavior of future generations. It was a disservice to fill young minds with the foolish fancy of family and lifelong bonds.

We took many to the Stretch for harboring these feelings. Some were corrected; others were beyond help. We urged citizens to assist in keeping their nation free from those attempting to spread negative vibrations. We collected the tags and sent many to their deaths. There was no choice in our tasks. Fordham had no feelings. We were not aware of the suffering and devastation our devotion to duty would bring. What it brought will remain forever. We cannot wash our hands of it.


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