Believe me. It’s on! I am so exciting to document my experience with #NanoWriMo2019. I haven’t exactly been the most successful when it comes to the challenge, but this year I intend to give it my all. Technically, I have a head start with a little over 11,000 words in the bag. Even with this number, I can’t afford to spend any time away from my manuscript if I’m to hit the goal of 50,000 words by month’s end. My new adventure, Malachim, is actually going to exceed the proposed word count, so I’m hoping I am well beyond 50K when November 30th rolls around.

The hardest part of this challenge for me is actually putting my butt in the seat and writing. I have a million ideas swirling around in my head and notes written on basically every piece of paper on my desk. Yet, it’s difficult for me to sit still long enough to finish a chapter in one sitting. I have the same issue at work. All my projects get done on time, but I get up and move around a lot. A lot. I suppose it’s as one of my mentors told me years ago. I have a large amount of creative energy and it just refuses to chained, controlled, etc. It needs to be allowed to wander freely and when I get good and ready, I’ll commit words to a page.

Hmm. Well…by midnight it will 29 days til the end of the month. I guess I better tell my fervent, creative energy to reign it in. Happy #NanoWriMo2019!

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