Plot twists totally drive me crazy. One minute I have it all figured out and then the next minute it all falls apart. I totally believe in the phrase “crap happens” because it does so every day. As many of you know, I’m in the middle of writing the sequel to my first full-length novel, which I now acknowledge was no easy feat. It took seven years for me to finish Betera’s Factor because I kept wrestling with how to move the story along within the confines of its plot. I ended up completely changing the book and its plot so much that the first draft of Betera’s Factor bears very little resemblance to the published work.

Though the sequel’s plot is pretty clear, it’s taking me quite some time to dig into the meat of Malachim. I know how the story ends but getting to that point remains a mystery. I’m 17,800 words in with a goal of completing the entire first draft before the new year. I expect to reach 80,000+ words if I sketch it out just as I did with its predecessor. One of the major challenges comes in the form of the characters for whom Malachim is named. These characters have a very vague history that needs to be filled out to explain their motivation, which of course is central to the plot.

The other issue I’ve touched on before is the juggling of these multiple POVs. The placement of these has to have a certain flow and pace. I need to figure out when and why the scene/POV shifts from one to another and make sure every chapter is driving us to a point serving the plot. I spent plenty of time in the early stages of Betera’s Factor on too many details and superfluous prose that served no purpose. This time, I am determined to cut through the clutter. Wish me luck.


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