Farah Aver, Consul – Beta Union Senate

We believed in the promise of a perfect union. The Founders insisted upon it and I served it. I know what must be done to quiet the storms raging within our people. If the senate had listened to me, we would still be at peace and the Fordham would continue protecting citizens from themselves.

Orin is not in control. He is not the leader citizens need to rescue them from the despair Crawford Lear brought upon us. Restraint must prevail and the only way to secure it now is with the same violence that tore it apart. If Linus Rand, the man who set us on this path, were here, he would hate the woman he loved so much. He would condemn her to the ends of the universe and back. It was mistake. Everything action taken now reeks of blood. Even the Fordham bleed.

Evil may have returned, but I do not fear it. I shall find a way to save us all from ourselves and restore balance. The infidels will not succeed and I will not be imprisoned forever. Citizens will cry out for help and I will be there. I will give their sanity back to them. Those who oppose it can be swept away as there will be no choice.

Restraint is restorative.

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