Linus Rand, Original Colonist, Beta Union

It was never my intention to follow the path of Titan. He was a legend, a soldier of the republic, not to be outdone. The colonial wars shaped his views and drove a wedge between us. I was but a child when he set out to bring order to Allegra’s moons. When he returned, I was a man struggling with feelings of abandonment.

It was sad enough that my older sister died when she was born. I never felt wanted by my progenitors. They never seemed to bond with me. They tried to give me a normal life filled with love and security. It was never truly there. He was never there but Stanton Aver was. Stanton preached of a future with no pain and no loneliness. He saw a world devoid of the violence practiced by my father. He dreamed of a land free from the destruction of passions.

Titan Rand forever justified his actions in those wars while simultaneously speaking out against their fascist nature. He was a master at compartmentalizing. I decided I would never be like him. I would be different. Every action I took would stand as a moral goodness. I would separate myself from Titan and be my own man. When Stanton Aver offered me a chance to help shape his new world, I jumped toward it. I left my only home and traveled the stars with him in search of the promise of a gleaming utopia.

But Stanton lied. He sent Titan ahead to secure his new world. When we arrived, everything was as the two of them had planned. They were both devious, as snakes hiding in the grass. What I never realized was the fact that I too was very much like them. In the years to come, I would find out just how much and I would realize I’m exactly like Titan.

I am a murderer.


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