Reviews for Betera’s Factor are strong. Here’s what people are saying…

Editorial Reviews:


An intriguing read…Fans of science-fiction will welcome Sachs’s well-written tale of tyranny, rebellion, and shifting loyalties. – The Prairies Book Review

Sachs’ novel takes its premise in some surprising and creative directions, successfully building a compelling, and at times, chilling world. – IndieReader

Betera’s Factor is a refreshingly unique story…T.J. Sachs gives readers much to look forward to with her inspired ideas. – Indies Today 

A cyberpunk thriller featuring plenty of action and intrigue… this book is original and creative in its integration of intriguing transhumanist concepts. – The BookLife Prize

Sachs creates drama and action to keep the reader engaged. There was never a dull moment.” – Judge, 28th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


Reader Reviews:

Get ready for a wild ride through the future!Verified Purchase

In this world, you are not allowed to express emotion without serious consequences! But what happens when Humans don’t comply? This wild ride through Beta Union will have you on the edge of your seat, guessing who is going to “fail” next and who is going to survive! Can’t wait for the sequel!

– Deena Kilmon
March 9, 2021,

Reader Reviews:

Conformity Cannot Last Forever – Betera’s Factor
From its opening page, Betera’s Factor builds suspense: in this futuristic tale, a society floating along in chemically-induced bliss begins to shake off its conformist chains. Betera’s Factor weaves ancient artifacts, mysterious civilizations beyond Beta Union’s borders, and a strong cast of characters across the gender spectrum into a gripping tale that will keep you guessing to the last paragraph.

– Carol Shetler
September 30, 2020,

Detailed DystopiaVerified Purchase

Sachs creates a minutely detailed future where human emotions are politicized and everyone works at concealing their true motives. It’s a world fraught with constant jockeying for power, as signs of an impending disaster slowly build to a crescendo. Presumably, the next book in the series will reveal increasingly dire consequences and rising stakes for the key players. This story is not over!
– Amy Bernstein
March 18, 2020,

Intelligent Novel That Quickly Pulls You In

The concept the novel peels apart is delivered early on with the line –“Complete health is achieved by sustaining bliss at all times.”

Not only is the novel really well-written in a style that’s easy to lose yourself in, but the subject is hyper-relevant. Though set in a futuristic world, it speaks to current society’s dependence on pharmaceuticals to maintain their well-being. It also, at least for me, questions the nature of spiritual evolution. Is it possible to achieve true bliss without cultivating it? Is it merely a bi-product of chemical responses? And what is the cost of surrendering our relationship to our own body and our ability to regulate it? There are enough layers to the topic that this novel can speak to something personal for a wide audience. The author has created a believable, trustworthy, and likable protagonist in Crawford along with an interesting and well-developed cast. I hope to see more of this genre from T.J. — a thoughtful and thoroughly enjoyable ride.

– D. Taylor
November 19, 2019,

Definitely worth a read

Let me cut right to it: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, cover-to-cover. While not a devotee of the sci-fi genre (my tastes are more eclectic) this book drew me right in with a fast paced and thought provoking narrative. T.J. Sachs takes us into a world where our very essence of being human, our feelings and emotions, are policed in the interest of societal stability. Whether it’s an army of genetically altered enforcers, or a steady supply of drugs to numb any feelings deemed undesirable, the masses are kept in a constant state of submission. But a group of rebels with mysterious pasts is determined to break free not only for themselves but for the world at large. With a cast of intriguing characters against a backdrop of vivid futuristic imagery, Sachs takes us on an exciting journey. The only thing left is to find out what happens next…

– Marcos Del Castillo
November 4, 2019 –

Great story and underlying message

Very interesting book. Well written story line and I love how [s]he discusses relevant issues that can pertain to our society today. it’s nice to read a story that has an underlying message.

– Jeff777jeff
November 28, 2019 –

“Betera’s Factor” is a Futuristic Winner!

“Betera’s Factor” is a stunning adventure. There is not one passage in this book that I overlooked due to its fast-paced storytelling and vivid futuristic descriptions. Fans of “Blade Runner” may appreciate the colorful and imaginative look into a not-so-distant world. A truly exciting read!

– Hayden Craddolph
November 20, 2019 –

Imagine if you will, a place where ill-feelings are against the law Verified Purchase

What can go wrong with a Nanny-State gone full-on nanny? What can be so bad about a government that forces its people to be happy, content, and to live their lives without the harmful effects of negative feelings. What could possibly go wrong? An excellent story, worthy of narration by fine orators.

– Don C. Ciers
October 19, 2019 –